17 reasons your business should be on Instagram

Instagram has evolved tremendously in recent years. Aside from being selfies and food, it is now being used as a tool to report news and promote businesses. A modern business owner, especially those with businesses targeted to millennials and Gen X can use Instagram to improve their audience reach.

  1. Introduce your business - Instagram is the best social media platform to debut your venture. Users are more engaged and are exponentially growing in number compared to Facebook or Twitter.

  2. Build your brand - Following the launch of your business, you can use Instagram to create and improve a brand that caters to your niche.

  3. Put a face to your brand - Unlike store fronts and websites, an Instagram account helps personalize your company, by making your audience feel that you are within reach and ready to help.

  4. Showcase your product – even if it’s not ready yet. With the help of Instagram, you can tease your audience with a product and eventually announce it for all to hear.

  5. Create content for targeted audience - Hashtags and locations are available for your advantage. Potential customers exploring the app are more likely to stumble upon your account when your posts have proper tagging.

  6. Elevate your brand with visual content - Compared to text and audio, visuals like pictures are processed 6,000 times faster in the brain. A good Instagram picture can sometimes make all the difference.

  7. Engage the audience on a personal level - If your customers know you better through you IG profile, it also works the other way around. Learn what your target market wants and respond to them.

  8. Promote your business - Consider paid promotions on Instagram. Instagram ad targeting helps you optimize the ad and select your preferred audience.

  9. Be continuously creative - Instagram is also a hub for inspiration and innovation that will improve your creativity.

  10. Take your audience behind the scenes - Showing what the inner workings of your business makes your customers feel like they are also part of it.

  11. Access micro-influencers - Reach out to users with a growing number of followers who can then influence their audience to choose your brand.

  12. Expand your reach - Actively engaging with other users on their feed or in your comment section ensures that potential customers will get curious and visit your profile.

  13. Network with like-minded people - Collaborate with users of similar interests. This way, you can help each other grow their brands.

  14. Stay up-to-date with trends -Just scrolling through your Instagram feed will show you how styles change and evolve.

  15. Get ahead of your competitors - Despite its growing popularity, only approximately half of small businesses have a presence on Instagram.

  16. Get useful feedback and customer insights - Look no further than your direct message inbox or comment section to find your next new idea.

  17. To have fun! - Lastly, Instagram is there for you to have fun and showcase the human side of your company.

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