4 Free Apps That Will Help Make Your Life Easier

In the modern era, businesses utilize technology to add convenience and innovation to the lives of consumers and clients. There are hundreds of applications providing valuable tools for personal and business use that are available right at your fingertips on both Android and Apple devices – and can be downloaded without breaking the bank. Check out these top 4 free apps that will make your life easier.

Boost your productivity with Coffitivity. Sometimes, silence can be maddening. Oftentimes people believe that the quieter room, the more productive you’ll become; however, this is not true of every person. Some work best with background noise. Coffitivity provides sounds as if you were sitting in a café with an array of voices that you can’t quite make out – forcing your brain to become more creative to put everything together. This app is especially useful for tasks that involve writing.

Enhance your creativity with Mindly. For those who are highly visual planners, this app is a great way to inspire your creative spark. Through Mindly, you can create a visual roadmap leading to your goal through customizable notes and colors that can be linked together for ultimate organization. It can be used as a planner, to-do list, or project creation. It’s like your messy desk with ripped out notes, highlights, and arrows pointing in every direction, except beautifully organized and in the palm of your hand.

Cut distractions and focus with Forest. This app is unique and adds a touch of gamification to your work day. If you have an impending deadline, it’s often tempting to grab your phone and check Facebook or post a picture to Snapchat, when what you really need to be doing is focusing on the task at hand. With Forest, a 30-minute timer is started and a tree begins growing. If you click out of the app for any reason (other than reasons you specify), your tree will die and you will have to start over. After the work day is completed, you should have a whole forest of trees if you focused correctly.

Ease stress by calming down with Relax (Lite). Although this is a free version of the original app, Relax (Lite) is all you need. Perfect for when you’re feeling stressed over a particular project, this app can be opened to provide relaxing music and regulate your breathing. The amount of time you relax is set under a five-minute timer, so you’ll never be away from work too long – just long enough to calm down and start again.

Take advantage of all the useful tools available to you. By performing a simple search, you can have access to hundreds of apps to nurture your business by boosting productivity, enhancing creativity, cutting out distractions, easing stress, and more.

Remember that technology isn’t only for the consumer; it can make your life a whole lot easier as well.

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