4 Ways to Grow Your Business with Words

One of the most underrated business tools is also the most important: words. Since the beginning of time, language has been perfected and formulated to communicate ideas, philosophies, and services. Words allow us to translate chaotic internal cognition to organized external communication with another individual to show exactly what we are thinking – as well as to persuade others. Often overlooked, proper word usage is the key to unlocking an incredible power of sales and marketing tactics. Harness the power of words to expand your business. Check out these 4 methods to grow your business with words. 1. Start a blog and post frequently. A blog is the perfect way to advertise your business. The best news? It doesn’t break the bank. Most advertisement spots can run from hundreds to thousands of dollars an hour depending on what platform and which time slot you choose. By starting a blog, you gain the ability to write about topics important in your industry, while subsequently creating an advertisement for your business. However, nothing is more frustrating than a business blog that posts mediocre content rarely and inconsistently. Update the blog daily or weekly and keep each post under 1,000 words. Ensure that the content quality is high, as your blog is a reflection of your business. 2. Put thought into social media updates. Your clients most likely use social media daily, which means you should be posting daily as well. To save time, utilize programs such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, and even Facebook scheduling services. These programs allow you to schedule posts in advance, which means you can craft thoughtful posts that update at planned times you specify throughout the day, so as not to disrupt your work. Ensure that the posts are meaningful to your audience. Always keep your unique audience in mind. Create posts from the mindset of the readers. Imagine, if you were a customer of your business, what would you want posts to say? 3. Individualize email responses. Responding to an email inquiry is an opportunity to showcase your professional attitude and individualism toward clients. If there is a specific inquiry you receive often, it can be helpful to save time by creating a well-written template. Though, always ensure the template is error-free and brief to allow personalization. Individualize every email response to show you are meeting the particular needs of each client. 4. Consider publishing an e-book. Do you have a lot to say about a particular topic related to your business? E-books are a fantastic platform, allowing for the expression of philosophies and strategies within your industry. View an e-book as an in-depth business pitch that others want to read. E-book writing is an expansive opportunity for any business – just make sure you follow general writing rules to ensure your intelligent reputation remains intact. Embrace the magic of using words as a benefit to your business. Whether you wish to start a blog, post on social media, or publish an e-book, writing can be used to express your thoughts, opinions, and strategies. Take advantage of the opportunities right at your fingertips to expand your industry with the power of words.

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