5 Tips for Writing the Best Resume

Writing a resume is a boring, yet crucial, part of the business process. Whether you’re looking for a new job or possibly trying to gain more clients, your resume will be seen by many people. Check out these 5 tips for writing the best resume to secure any job.

Make it beautiful. Appearance does matter when it comes to resume design. When your potential employer views your resume, it is one out of hundreds he has possible skimmed through. Yes, skimmed through. Although the content is important, an employer is going to take a quick glance at the resume first, before deciding whether or not to read further. So, make your resume stand out. Don’t go wild with mismatched colors, but do play with font size and headers. Create a template, then individualize it. It may seem like a lot of work, but always be sure to individualize a resume before sending it to a specific job posting. This doesn’t mean you have to completely change the resume, simply switch some points to the front. For example, if you’re applying to a technology-related company and the first skill listed on your resume is “marketing,” you may want to drag the “C++” skill from the middle of the list to the front.

Don’t exclude the skills section. Although it may be tempting, the layout of your skills should never be removed. This section should always be placed at the top, as it is the perfect opportunity to show that you are more than your degree or experience. Perhaps you know how to format an excel sheet, but you’ve never worked a job that used it before; therefore, the skills section is the only place on the resume where it fits. Be proud of your skills and ensure your potential employer knows them all.

Include all of your contact information. At the top of the document, directly below your name, you should always include all of your contact information. The following information should always be included: a phone number address, and email. Additionally, you may want to consider having a link to your LinkedIn profile as well, so your potential employers can put a face to a name. The more contact information you provide, the better – just ensure that it still looks neat.

Keep your list of jobs small and recent. Basically, your resume should always fit on one page. If you have a lot of job experience that doesn’t fit on one page, you’ll have to make a few adjustments. Cut out the older experience and place any relevant skills learned in your skills section. Worried that your older experience is important for the job? This is an instance where you can cut a recent job that isn’t relevant; however, remember that you can always tell your potential employer about additional experience during the interview.

To have a fantastic resume, you need a beautiful, individualized, one-page template with a skills section and all of your contact information. It’s as simple as creating a sleek design and crafting high-quality content. Take a look at your resume. Does it follow these 5 tips?

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