6 Great Workday Snacks

Most of us (myself included) look forward to lunchtime while at work. Let’s be real though, who expects anyone to wait hours to eat one meal during a typical 8-hour shift? Our bodies need small servings and snacks between each meal. These light snacks help energize you to be more productive, and they help curb those hunger pains you might have during the day. Here are six delicious and healthy snacks you should start packing for work every day!

  • Baby-cut carrots and ranch dressing – Now, you can bring full grown carrots if you want, but the tiny cut versions of this nutritious veggie are much easier to pack with you. Carrots contain vitamin A which can help improve your vision, especially if you must work on a computer for hours on end.

  • Dried fruits – Fruits are great to have as a snack but can sometimes end up rotting fast (I’m talking at you, bananas). Dried fruits are the solution to this problem and they still contain the same amount of nutrients as their undried counterparts. In fact, some dried fruits end up becoming more concentrated when dehydrated, so you can get even more of your daily dose of vitamins eating dried fruit!

  • Low-sodium jerky – I bet you thought this list would only contain fruits and veggies, correct? Well, jerky is a tasty way to get the protein your body needs, but try to stay away from jerky that contains lots of sodium. If you’re not a fan of red meat, there is also turkey jerky as an option. Plus, jerky is super portable and easy to pack as a snack.

  • Granola – You have many ways to enjoy granola, whether it be in a bar form or eaten from a bowl. These delicious oats are tiny enough to place in a small bag, and contain fiber which your body requires. Granola can also help lower your cholesterol.

  • Tuna with crackers – Now, we’re talking about tiny cans and pouches of tuna, not a whole fish filet! A small serving of tuna will fulfill your daily serving of iron. Iron helps metabolize the proteins in your body and can help you combat fatigue.

  • Shake things up! – Make yourself a healthy and delicious shake or smoothie at home and bring it to work. This is where you get to be creative and add a plethora of fruits and/or veggies. You don’t need to strictly stick with greens though, you can add a small amount of chocolate to your shake to satisfy your sweet tooth. Shakes and smoothies are easy to carry and are a simple way to hold you over until lunch time.

These are just a few simple snacks that you can add during your work week. There are many other snacks and light meals you can choose from, and it’s all about balancing nutrition and convenience. See if these snacks help curb your cravings while at work!

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