6 Team-Building Activities That Everyone Will Love

Teams with individuals who get along and work well together are happier, more effective and more productive! It can be easy to drift apart or come across conflict throughout the daily grind, which is why it’s important to implement some “fun” into the mix – allowing employees to feel personally connected with each other and invested in the business as a whole. Use these ideas to bring your team back together when seeking to improve overall company morale. 1.      Scavenger Hunt Make a list of fun things to do (or find) in your workplace. Split your staff into teams and make it their mission to photograph all the listed items within a specific time frame. The first team to complete their mission wins! 2.      Office Guessing Game Have your staff members send photos of their home offices to you, and then have everyone guess whose office is whose. A good way to keep the game going is to include photos of team members’ desktop backgrounds, coffee mugs, or outside views from their windows. This activity is especially great for remote staff groups! 3.      Office Trivia This activity is quick and easy and can include an educational twist. Prepare 20 to 25 questions about your workplace and quiz your staff! Example questions include:

  • “How much do we charge our customers for ____?”

  • “What brand are our computer monitors?”

  • “What color is the break room’s carpet?”

  • “How many windows are there in the whole office?”

This activity tests how observant your team is and piques their interest into paying more attention to their surroundings. 4.      Memory Wall Write some work-related topics on a white board (e.g. “Work travel” or “My first day”). Gather your staff and have each person choose a topic and share a related story from their time with your company. An alternative is to have them write these experiences down on sticky notes. Read the notes aloud and put them on the white board. This gives your team a great opportunity to connect and bond over positive shared experiences. 5.      Plane Crash Set the scene: your team has crashed on an empty, deserted island. Have your team pick twelve items from around the office that they believe would aid in their survival. Individuals should make their choices first, and then the group should rank each item in order of usefulness. They should discuss which items to eliminate and which to keep, as well. This game provides a focus on exercising negotiation and communication skills. 6.      Multi-Player Gaming This option is fun for remote and local teams alike. Have your team decide on a multi-player video game or board game that they would like to play, specifically one that requires they work together to achieve an objective. Use headsets or built-in microphones and speakers to chat. It will provide them with an opportunity to practice collaboration and creative problem-solving. Which of these team-building exercises would you implement within your workplace? Do you have an additional suggestion? Let us know in the comments below!

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