Bad idea: Cutting Your Marketing Budget During Holidays

It’s that time of year again. Trees are glimmering with lights, wreaths are hung with care, the temperature is falling -- and so is your capacity to stomach parting with your hard-earned cash on marketing efforts. And that is a bad idea. Your business should not take a break because your spend on personal items, like gifts, are on the rise.

Why does this matter?

The first part of a good marketing approach is consistency (branding, message, advertising, budget) and taking your foot off the gas during the holidays does not fit into that strategy. Leaving a month – or longer – hole in your marketing message destroys any continuity you have worked so hard to attain the rest of the year.

So, you want to avoid this marketing misstep, right? Here’s how                     

  1. Budget your money wisely throughout the year: Find a quiet place to sit and really think about your marketing budget. Find a monetary amount that doesn’t hurt, too badly. Talk to an accountant. Phone a friend. But make sure you formulate a budget that allows for a consistent spend the entire year. If it’s $1000 in January it should be at least $1000 in December as well. Be consistent!

  2. Don’t use your personal money: Spending on marketing should not deter you from buying your niece that doll she has always wanted. Take out a loan, find investors, ask mom or dad (okay that one may be a bad idea) but if your issue is a lack of funds then leverage away. Debt isn’t evil if you keep it under control.

  3. Hire an agency: A good marketing agency can completely alleviate any issues with consistency. Set your budget, hire an agency and let them take care of the rest.

Go ahead and make your family and friends gift dreams come true during the holidays. If you take the right steps throughout the year, every holiday season can truly be jolly for you and your business.

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