Delegate, Delegate, Delegate: Hire a Marketing Agency

Every business needs a professional marketing strategy. The question is – do you come up with a DIY plan? Or do you hire an expert to craft a specialized campaign? As the owner of a digital marketing agency, my answer will always – obviously – be the latter. However, the basis behind the creation of my company lies within my passion to help businesses achieve desired brand recognition and sustain growth. Ultimately, I’m a facilitator of dreams. You dream of having a business – perfect, I want to make that happen for you. Unfortunately, I see many small business owners try to handle everything themselves. Not only are they handling their products and services in their business’s industry, but they are also working themselves into the ground as if running a company is a one-man play.

Sales, marketing, advertising – oops, quickly switch your hat! – accounting, customer service, product creation… The list goes on. If you find yourself dividing your attention in all of these ways and more, you need to consider hiring outside help. Especially when it comes to marketing, you have to make sure it is being handled correctly. The way your company is viewed by your potential customers directly determines long-term success. The truth is: You can’t do it all alone. I understand this is one of the most difficult statements a business owner can hear, as we are all perfectionists at heart. But once you accept this fact, you’ll be able to take a step toward success with the help of experts. Each person has a different strength, and that’s where they should be placed. Running a business with you and your employees handling everything is only going to create a stressful, unhappy environment.

It isn’t a requirement of a business owner to be able to run everything, but it is a requirement to know how to properly delegate. Sure, you could patch together a marketing plan based on opinion articles you scrounge from Google and start posting on social media, but wouldn’t your time be better served elsewhere? You’re the face of your company! Why are you wasting your time that should be spent networking and managing your products and team?

Your business is an investment and the old adage is true: Your time is money. Spending money now to hire a knowledgeable team to handle a service that you can’t properly do is going to save you money in the future. Focus on what you can do best, and hire others who can do what you can’t do. That’s the secret of a long lasting business.

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