5 things business owners should know about Instagram

Instagram, the Facebook owned social media powerhouse, is a land of amazing marketing opportunities for just about any type or size of business. Unfortunately, many business owners, especially smaller enterprises, believe Instagram is nothing more than a Gen Z playground devoid of any real revenue opportunity.  Au contraire small business superhero. You can win the day on Instagram with older demographics and yes even Gen Z who are quickly becoming the sought-after age range for marketers in all industries. Still not too sure about Insta?  We’ll cover 5 compelling things about Instagram that should pique your interest.

1.       Instagram is the third most popular social media platform.

Instagram has an impressive 1 billion active monthly users [1]. This ranks only behind Facebook’s 2 billion [2] and YouTube’s 1.9 billion [3].  You don’t have to be a mathematician to know this is a lot of people. Furthermore, half of those one billion [4] log in and use Instagram daily. For the numerically challenged that’s 500 million users – you’re welcome. When marketing your business, you want to go where people frequent and Instagram is definitely a place where leads are perusing on a regular basis.

2.       Gen Z favors Instagram

We know Snapchat is right there and, in some surveys, even surpasses Instagram with the youngest portion of this budding demographic, but overall Instagram rules Gen Z.  Why should you care? Whipper snappers not your target demo? Before you write this young demographic off, consider this, according to the National Retail Federation, Generation Z has an eye-opening $44 billion in buying power. Still scoffing at those youngsters? Remember, beyond their ability to make purchases now, Gen Z’s purchasing power is just rounding into form and will only become larger.

3.       Eight out of ten [5] Instagram accounts follow a business

Instagram is not just for following cool influencers and your friend Joe who is always doing something insane – that crazy Joe. It is also a great place for businesses to connect with consumers. Of those one billion active Instagram users, 20% of them routinely visit business profiles every single day. Taking a look at our trusty office abacus, that’s 200 million people. It is obvious that Instagram users are interested in business content. That and crazy Joe. What will he do next?

4.       33% [6] of the most viewed stories originate from business accounts

Beyond making boomerangs of your day out at the trampoline park, businesses have also harnessed Instagram’s cool Stories feature.  Stories can be just about anything you want from compelling videos to sticker ladened images. Regardless of what you post, this is more proof that Instagram users are engaging with brands. Score for you.

5.       Instagram users spend almost an hour per day [7] with the Android app

Recap, Instagram users have purchasing power, the majority follow businesses and they engage with brand content in stories. Oh, and let’s add they also spend nearly an hour per day liking, commenting and having an all-around good time on Instagram via the Android app. We don’t know about you, but we want to be counted in the number of cool kids hanging out on Insta. Okay we already are but it sounded good.

We can toss numbers and reasons why your business should be on Instagram all day long. The aforementioned five things should be enough to at least compel you to take a look. Don’t have time? We might know a few people who are pretty good at Instagram marketing. Contact us today to learn more. Regardless if you hire an awesome agency like us (hey we’re confident) or decide to go it alone, there are plenty of potential clients on this social media dynamo to keep you coming back for more.


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