How to make social media fireworks without going viral

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

It’s that time of year again here in the U.S.A. Family and friends gather to celebrate freedom by grilling great food, having a few adult beverages and watching grand fireworks displays. It’s a once per year celebration that can’t be missed. What doesn’t have to be a once per year extravaganza is having an awesome social media presence. Just like the fireworks we watch to top off a fun day of eating, drinking and socializing, the show isn’t just about the grand finale. A truly great display features consistently colorful shells and just the right number of loud booms to keep you interested. The same can be said of social media. You can find success, even great success, without sacrificing your time for the grand finale – going viral.

Be consistent

Humans are creatures of habit; we expect the same things to happen at the same time on the same days. That may sound boring but it’s true. When you are crafting a social media strategy keep this in mind. You can make your posts have certain subjects for certain days. Some of these have already been created for you, for instance, Monday Motivation. But you can be a bit more creative by making your own. So, if you decide Wednesdays will be the day you share images of your office with funny captions, try to do this every single Wednesday. Your followers will look forward to it. Remember, creatures of habit.

Post frequently

If you want to grow your following and compel people to engage with your content, you must post frequently. What do we mean by frequently? At the minimum three times per week per platform. Now in an ideal world you should post daily -- even multiple times per day. One caveat don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Every post doesn’t have to be Pulitzer-worthy but tossing up content just for the sake of posting something is never a good idea.

Be personal

Even if you represent a company that operates in the dullest industry on earth, be personal and have fun. Is John in accounting wearing that silly tie again today? Snap a picture and craft a post. Free donuts in the conference room? Take a picture and caption it. Really, it’s that simple. You don’t have to pen a masterpiece with a corresponding award-winning image with every post. Take the pressure off and just enjoy it. Social media should be fun.


You want your followers to comment, like and share your content so it only makes sense that you do the same for them. Find a few cool posts and engage. In other words, be social on social media. Yes, that means you can even open conversations and foster meaningful connections.

Go for focused and niched rather than big and broad

Be strategic. Post material that is meant for your target audience only. It’s better to be focused on a few hundred engaged people than thousands of users that don’t care about your subject matter. This is where the “v” word comes in – eww viral. Don’t concern yourself with millions of people seeing your material instead impress the ones that will become brand ambassadors. Coincidentally, this is probably your best shot at going viral. When you have loyal followers, they tend to share content at a much higher rate than a general passerby.

Sure, being consistent and focusing on small numbers isn’t as thrilling as going viral. But in the long run you’ll see the importance of building a strong user-base that is loyal to your content. A group of followers that can make your social media efforts feel like a grand finale every day.

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