Instagram tips for business owners

Instagram is the ever-popular photo and video sharing app with at least 700 million active users. It presents huge opportunities to big and small business owners alike to showcase their products. 

Instagram is fairly easy to use as compared to social media giant Facebook. You just upload your photos, share your stories, or record short clips for IGTV. Of course, it is easier said than done and doing it right is definitely another aspect. Mastering Instagram is really not that hard and we're going to tell you how to start doing it.

Account Type

The first thing to do is create an account and have a unique Instagram handle, of course. After setting up the basic account, you'll need to upgrade it to a business account which gives you features like adding directions, easier contacting options, access to Instagram's analytics tools, and the ability to run promotions. Basic account users don't have these features.

Tell a Story

Everyone likes a good story. Familiarize yourself with what your target audience likes. Create video snippets for Instagram Stories featuring your product, a sneak peek, or a tutorial. Utilize Instagram's highlight function as well so that people can come back to view your stories.

Create a Schedule

Don't post randomly. A key component to having a successful IG account is to strategize on when to post. Having a steady plan will help boost your following and online presence.  Don’t think you have enough time during the day? Use an app like Sendible, Hootsuite or Buffer that helps you schedule your posts.

Adhere to a Theme

Have a uniform style when maintaining your account. If you're planning on doing something new, transition it slowly. A simple example is if you're always posting in blue and you want to post in orange, transition it slowly to create a sense of continuity.

Engage the Audience

Always prioritize your customers, after all your business would not be in existence if not for them. Respond to comments, direct messages, and reactions. Ask questions through IG stories, ask polls, hold contests, keep your customers asking for more. Analyze your feedback as well for this will surely help you improve your brand. You may also opt to invite feature guest contributors in your account.


Being an expert in hashtags takes time but the payoff is certainly is worth it. Hashtags help you grow more as a brand. Research plays a part in this but you can also use different apps to help you search for the most relevant and active hashtags used. Remember to also have one unique hashtag for your brand which you can use with other social media platforms.

Be Creative

Lastly, be creative and have fun. Running a business doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. However, keep in mind to create a unique caption that is relevant to the image that you will be posting. Once you fully familiarized yourself with Instagram, enjoy it and let your imagination run wild. The results may surprise you.

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