Invest in Long-Term Social Media Marketing

As a leader, the simplest way to describe your role within your business is the “decision maker.” You need to be constantly informed and aware of everything that drives your company forward – or hire others to manage certain aspects for you. As the decision maker, you are often viewing small pieces of your company at a time and attempting to bring them together to craft choices that will continue to benefit you, your clients or customers, your colleagues and your business as a whole. One of the biggest decisions you will need to make right away is your business’s marketing needs – taking your sales team and financial ability into consideration. Regardless, the truth is: Every business requires marketing – and, in modern times, that means specifically investing in long-term social media marketing.

With important choices that require a financial investment (like social media marketing), the decision maker feels the pressure to make the right call, which often leads to hesitation and a “trial” mindset. That is, some business owners believe that if they “try” something out and see “results” quickly, then it’s worth continuing. If they aren’t seeing what they believe proof of being worth continuing, they feel the pressure of the choice they made and often decide to simply backtrack and move on. However, when it comes to marketing, “try before you buy” doesn’t work. Why? The return on investment lies within its genuine necessity – not its production of sales.

What many fail to realize is that having a consistent and personable online presence is one of the most crucial tools a business owner funds. It’s time to start viewing the investment in your marketing services as necessary and unavoidable as an electric bill or gasoline payment. What happens when you don’t fund your home’s electricity? The lights go off. What happens when you decide to keep driving on empty? The engine stops. Consider that same logic with your business’s need for long-term digital marketing services.

Social media and the overall digital world is where your audience goes to research and connect with companies that they are considering using or have used (and possibly will again). It’s essential that you have an evolving website with frequent blog posts, and that you are active on all main social media channels that relate to your business – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Not only is this important for SEO purposes so your audience can easily find you among others, but it also ensures that you are establishing your business as a “touchable” expert in the industry. Potential customers or clients can relate and connect while being educated and entertained – making them more likely to do business with you in the future.

However, if you have a great online presence for a short period of time, and then your business disappears from the face of the digital earth, how does that look to your audience? It looks as if you’re no longer an active, trustworthy business. Your social media, when managed with professional consistency, builds the relationship with your audience and promotes brand awareness – which is a priceless and necessary component of your business success.

As a leader, you will face many decisions that require deep consideration, debate and fluctuation based on timing. Your business’s need for marketing is not one of these decisions. When you market your business, commit for the long haul and trust its necessity for attracting and retaining a dedicated audience.

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