Is Goal Setting Really Worth it?

Most people have dreams and aspirations they want to achieve at various points in their life. These are also known as goals and can be something as simple as wanting to get a new promotion at your job. Unfortunately, sometimes regardless of how much work you put toward a goal, it doesn’t mean that you’ll always achieve what you set out to do. So is setting goals for yourself even worth it? Simply put, yes.

Having goals for yourself motivates you to act. Some people choose to wander through life aimlessly – which isn’t necessarily bad, but this can lead you to become uninspired to work toward anything. A goal doesn’t have to be anything big or lavish such as acquiring a fortune. Your goals only have to matter to you and no one else.

Setting goals for yourself also helps you visualize what you want to achieve. For someone who is trying to earn a college degree, they need to be able to visualize themselves finally graduating. A goal reminds you why you are working so hard, especially during those moments when you become discouraged.

Now, even though setting goals won’t guarantee that you’ll succeed, it still gives you a greater chance of achieving them. Don’t be discouraged from setting goals for yourself and making an effort simply because of the possibility of failure. That mentality only leads to missed opportunities and regret. Some people might feel like failure makes them look like a loser in other people’s eyes, but to quote the hilarious drama film Little Miss Sunshine: “A real loser is somebody that’s so afraid of not winning, they don’t even try.”

Goal setting is the first step in achieving your dream, and the more you visualize your goal, the more you’ll gain confidence in yourself. The most successful people don’t just wait around to achieve their dreams… They set goals and take action!

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