Is Snapchat a Viable Marketing Option for Your Business?

When you think of Snapchat, what comes to mind? If you say it’s simply “an app with funny filters you send to friends,” you’re eliminating its most essential use as an incredible marketing tool for your company. As a business, every trend is an opportunity and every platform is a vessel to ensure your presence is known. Surely, you have a business page on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (you better!). Depending on your niche, Pinterest may be important to keep updated as well. However, many individuals still overlook Snapchat – despite that it has over 150 million daily users. So, the short answer is yes. Snapchat is a viable marketing option for your business. Why?

  • It shows that you, as a company, are “real.” Therefore, it’s more personal. Posting stories that give the behind-the-scenes scoop on your business make you look more relatable and human.

  • You can invest in Geofilters. These filters are placed as an option on the Snapchat accounts of your targeted audience. Individuals can swipe through and take a picture with your filter on it – i.e. instant marketing through your fans.

  • Your Snapchat “ghost” can be used in your digital and printed marketing campaigns. To add new accounts, users scan a unique ghost icon. Create a clever advertisement with your icon and inspire others to scan it to increase your following.

Additionally, Snapchat is especially popular among younger people ages 25 and under. If you’re trying to market to a younger crowd – or if your other social media platforms are failing at attracting youth – Snapchat may be a crucial key in doing so. Remember, do your research. And when in doubt, it’s never harmful to create an account on every popular platform… as long as you update it regularly. Read this helpful guide from Hootsuite for more, in-depth information and advice on how to use Snapchat for your business.

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