Keep your spirits up during the work week

Do you feel sluggish, tense, and unmotivated at the during your work week? If you’re answering “yes” to this question, you might have the Monday Blues. It’s normal to feel distracted and fatigued, but don’t lose hope! Here are four ways that you can keep yourself motivated at work when you feel down:

Shake Up Your Routine

Reward yourself with a good meal or a special night out with your friend or partner. Do this toward the end of your week, so that you have something to look forward to during the daily grind. Also consider sports, volunteering, music hobbies, crafts, movies. Try not to go overboard though, because feeling hungover or exhausted on Friday can undermine your productivity and thoughtfulness.

Get Plenty of Sleep & Wake Up Early

It might seem counter-intuitive but waking up early (15 to 30 minutes) can ease your stress in the mornings. If you wake up early, you’ll have more time to get ready and grab that cup of coffee on your way to work. Make sure you get plenty of sleep, too, so that your brain is sharp, energized, and ready to go on Monday.

Prepare for Your Monday Ahead of Time

Mondays can be especially stressful if your work from the previous week has piled up. To help challenge that anxiety, try to take care of the most dreadful tasks as soon as possible (ideally at the end of Friday or the very beginning of the next week). By completing these things at the end of the work week, you’re setting your next one up to be much better. If you do have any unwelcome tasks awaiting you on Monday morning, finish them early so you don’t spend your day procrastinating. You will feel much better once those weights are off your shoulders.

Unplug During the Weekends

Whenever possible, try to avoid checking your work-related messages when you’re not working, especially if you won’t respond to them until Monday anyway. It can be tempting to want to know what will be waiting for you, but doing this can put a damper on your weekend and cause unnecessary stress. Drawing clear boundaries between your professional and personal lives will aid in productivity at work and help you focus on your own happiness when you’re at home.

The Monday Blues can be a real downer during the week, but following these tips can help you focus on taking care of yourself, as well as lessen your stress. When you’re well taken care of and prepared for the week, you can tackle your projects with ease.

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