7 things every business owner should know about LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the one place on social media where you might actually tuck your shirt in, is a medium all professionals must consider. The Microsoft owned platform boasts over 600 million members worldwide with more than half of those users logging in each month (LinkedIn). If you’re not too familiar with LinkedIn, first let us welcome you to 2019 and we hope your decade long slumber was recuperative and restful. All jokes aside, here are seven things every business owner should know about LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a professional community where millions of users post and look for jobs, connect with other people within their field and even seek to learn additional skills to bolster their resume. If you are a business to business firm this should send alarm bells ringing because LinkedIn is the perfect place to market your operation. Its sole purpose is professional in nature.

Eight in ten business leads from social media originate on LinkedIn (LinkedIn)

You may have to read that stat a few times to really let it sink in. That’s 80% of all business to business leads on the entirety of social media. Second place is Twitter at 12.73%, so it’s not even a competition. LinkedIn is a B2B powerhouse that cannot be ignored by any firm that deals within this competitive sector.  

92% of B2B marketers include LinkedIn as part of their digital marketing mix (Demand Wave)

Are you noticing a trend? If there is one thing you should remember from this article it’s this. If you are B2B LinkedIn is the place to be.

Business pages are great but let your employees shine

Create a business page and make your profile complete. Share your company news, events and even advice on your business page but don’t allow that to be your only channel on LinkedIn. Your employees and coworkers also need to create and complete profiles so they too can share their insight. Social media is about people. It’s your job to remind your clients, and potential clients, that your company isn’t just an entity it’s made up of real human beings.

LinkedIn is a place for answers, so be inquisitive

According to LinkedIn, 1 in 3 posts with engagement had a question mark. People love to talk about pertinent topics on LinkedIn so ask questions. But don’t stop at asking also answer questions. The ole business quid pro quo may kick in and those who you engage with will do the same for your posts.

Over self-promotion is frowned upon

One of the elementary rules of social media is “do not overly self-promote” and this of course holds true on LinkedIn as well. If you win an award and you share your great fortune with your connections, that’s awesome. But if you follow that post with information backing up how incredible your company is and that is followed up with another post about your exceptional qualifications, people will start to tune out. Add value to your follower’s experience on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site, it should be kept that way

Your neighbor just mowed his lawn in the shape of a Stranger Things character, great but keep the corresponding pictures you took for Facebook and Twitter. Unless you work for Netflix or you’re the creator of the show then share away because it’s pertinent professionally. It can be a challenge but really try to be a bit more buttoned up on LinkedIn and share your personal details and information on the less formal mediums.

LinkedIn is a great B2B tool to market your business, a fabulous place to network with like-minded professionals and possibly even learn a thing or two about your industry. When leveraged correctly the sky is the limit when you utilize LinkedIn to grow your business. What are you waiting for? Get out there and start making connections.

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