No time for digital marketing? We understand.

The adage “The cobbler’s children have no shoes” comes to mind when we consider how we do, or don’t do, or own marketing. Here we are a pretty successful marketing firm that doesn’t follow our own advice. Sure, we post, and we try to conjure up fun and clever content. But occasionally we have large gaps in posting times (a month with nothing on Twitter, spare the thought) and our interaction on social media, well isn’t very interactive. Our poor children are running around the streets shoeless while our clients are sporting the new Air Jordan’s. How does this happen? Well it comes down to time. You don’t have to be in marketing to understand how much time it takes to properly promote your brand. Considering this, we have doubled down and decided to increase our content and do a better job marketing our own company. Why you may ask? Because it’s important.

Online marketing isn’t an optional activity.

Somehow this notion we preach to clients and just about anyone who listens escaped us. Digital marketing, and marketing in general, is a vital part of business. You can’t decide “Forget about this marketing stuff. Let’s put our money into something more fun, like a company pony.” Now a company pony may pay plenty of dividends, but they aren’t good at creating graphics and they need plenty of care. Plus, they poop. Budget money and time for your marketing efforts and make your brand shine.

We don’t have a time machine so what gives?

Unfortunately, time traveling DeLorean’s and slick police public call boxes that can bend the laws of physics don’t exist., You must make time. Or hire an awesome agency to take care of your online marketing 🙋‍♂️. Just like you budget your money, you need to budget your time. Meet with your business partners, marketing team or whoever will be at the helm of your online marketing and figure out how it will be tackled.

No one is paying us to do our own marketing.

This is aimed at other marketing agencies. You know the scenario. You’re creating a post for your firm’s Instagram account and out of the corner of your eye you see a task on Asana for a client. A client who pays you money. Well, screw doing your own social media you want to get paid. Someone has to pay off this credit card bill for these Cartier sunglasses in a gun metal finish – too specific? But you know how important marketing is to your brand’s success, you work in marketing. Think about it, you are being paid to market your company. Honestly without marketing your company won’t survive – hard to earn money with no company. How do you break out of this cycle of putting off your own online marketing? Make your firm a client. That’s right make your firm a client of your marketing agency. What advice would you give yourself if you were a client? Audit your social media and see where you have gaping holes. Look at your numbers and see what is and what is not working. Come up with a plan and stick with it. Be wise with your own marketing plan and be prepared to shine.

Know what else would have been wise? Going with the Foster Grant’s instead of the Cartier’s. They both block the sun and one does it for thousands cheaper. (noted)

Digital Marketing is boring so why make time?

We’re a little shocked you’d say that. Because if it’s done right social media is anything but boring. It’s a dynamic, exciting marketing channel that enables you to make connections with clients and flex your creative muscles. Even if you sell a product that you consider, well, not exactly akin to strapping on a parachute and jumping from a plane 20,000 feet above the earth, you can still make it cool. Marketing should be the area of your company where you can enjoy creative freedom and forget about the mundane. Really have fun. On a related note, if you can implement skydiving into your social media, that’s a win.

Whether you own a business that makes wrenches or an agency that creates incredible campaign’s for other companies, digital marketing is a must. We’re trying to follow our own advice; a new pair of the digital marketing version of Nike’s is on the way.  No more shoeless kids running around willy nilly on our watch.

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