Pinterest: Does it Have a Place in Business Marketing?

Pinterest – an organized platform of boards filled with images, DIYs, and unique products. It’s often a forgotten method of social media marketing, as it’s not necessarily as interactive as other platforms. However, when done correctly, Pinterest can aid in reaching a large audience for your business. According to a study published by the Pew Research Center in 2015, approximately 31% of online adults use Pinterest regularly. As a comparison, the study also noted that approximately 28% of online adults use Instagram regularly. Yes, more people use Pinterest than Instagram – crazy, right? Whenever a platform is used by a significant portion of the online population, it’s worth looking into. Although, some businesses may benefit more from using Pinterest than others. Here are the top 4 industries that can benefit from using Pinterest as a digital marketing strategy. 1.       Creative businesses. Authors, artists, photographers, and decorators can all see fast shares on images, as there are search tabs designed specifically for those industries. If you are in a creative field, Pinterest was designed for you!   2.       Real estate agencies. One of the most useful aspects of Pinterest is its ability for organization through boards – similar to photo albums. With the permission of a home seller, a real estate agent could create a board for a home, as a way to place all of the photography in one neat area. Not only can the home be discovered by a Pinterest user, but the link can be shared with potential home buyers. 3.       E-commerce companies. Recently, Pinterest began promoting its “buyable pins.” A company can place up a great image of a product – whether it is clothing, makeup, or children’s toys – and provide a link for users to follow to then buy the product. It’s a unique way to advertise to a specific audience. 4.       Restaurants. People love recipes and images of food. In fact, if you scroll through your Pinterest followers, you’ll probably see that most have a food-related board. Imagine the possibilities for restaurants – put up a delicious-looking picture of the food you serve, and potentially gain more customers. Pinterest is a great tool to quickly share and spread images and ideas, which means it can be a fantastic opportunity for many businesses that thrive on visuals. 

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