Reasons your business should be on Twitter

Twitter has evolved from being a ranting place to something much more. It's become a platform that people and businesses of all kinds can come together and educate each other. It is also a place where people can interact with other users on a more personal basis. Modern business owners, especially those with businesses targeted to millennials and Gen X can use Twitter to improve their reach towards audiences.

Take your audience behind the scenes - Showcasing the inner workings of your business makes your customers feel like they are also part of it. Your audience will feel closer to your brand.

Engage the audience on a personal level - Your customers know you better through your profile, it also works the other way around. Learn what your target market wants and respond to them. Being on Twitter can also help you interact in real-time.

Network with like-minded people - Collaborate with users of similar interests. This way, you can help each other grow.

Put an identity to your brand - Unlike storefronts and websites, a Twitter page helps to personalize your company by making your audience feel that you are within reach and ready to help. It also helps the audience identify you and your brand as an expert in your industry.

Product updates - With the help of Twitter, you can tease your audience with a product and eventually announce at a later date for all to see.

Real-time customer support - Twitter enables you to provide customer support in real-time. More and more customers require immediate responses -- and Twitter is an ideal platform for answering questions "now!"

Provides you social currency - Twitter acts as a social currency. The sharing of industry-relative information, news, and advice creates a positive image for your brand.

Reach out to influencers – Since searching specific audiences is easier in Twitter, you connect with influencers who may want to work with your brand.

See what's trending – One of the features of Twitter is the trending feature, which highlights what's hot with people in real time. Just spending a little time on Twitter helps you understand what's working in your industry.

Competition – Your competitors are most likely doing business on Twitter, so why shouldn't you?

Twitter as a lead magnet – You can target potential leads to connect with by searching with industry-specific keywords and hashtags.

Curate user-generated content – If you don't have the time for creating content of your own, sharing your audience's posts on your page shows that you listen to them.

Get feedback – Being on Twitter can help you acquire customer's feedback and respond quickly. You can use the information to further improve your brand based on their insights.

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