Six Must-Have Desk Essentials

Most of us spend a lot of time at our desks working or even studying. It becomes a second home and every home needs a functional place for all that creativity and productivity to shine. Here are six desk essentials to help with just that!

Cable clips Nothing can make a desk seem messier than a heap load of cables all tangled and balled up. It will surely make your desk seem as if it’s in the Wild West with tumble-wire just rummaging the place. Cable clips help organize your wires and they come in different sizes, shapes, and colors to meet your wire or cable needs. They’re great for organizing chargers, headphones, and you can even stick a pencil or pen into some of them too!

Universal charging stand If cable clips aren’t your thing, try a universal charging stand. You’ll still need an outlet, but this device allows you to only use one wire instead of a bunch of them to charge all your devices. They’re readily available and it can vary from how many devices it can charge at once. The charging stand allows you to have perfect and mess-free access to all your charging needs in just one designated spot!

Desk organizer Personally, pens tend to just randomly place themselves around my desk! Having a desk organizer allows me to have easy access to pens, markers, pencils, paper, and other office supplies within an arm’s reach. What’s great about this is that there are a million options to what kind of organizer you want on your desk and if you don’t like any that’s on the market, making one can be your next easy DIY project.

Notepad or favored stationary If you’re the type to spend most of your time at your desk, make sure to pick up some of your favorite notepads or stationary. It adds a personal touch to your workspace, but also allows you to quickly jot down any groundbreaking ideas or thoughts! It’s especially useful to those who still prefer tangible writing to get their creative juices flowing.

Agenda People are busy and people often forget what, when, where, and why to do something. An agenda allows you to take a break from juggling everything on your mind with helpful reminders. Not everyone can be as crazy on top of what they need to do, but with an agenda you can be while saving that brain juice for your next project or task.

Mini Zen Garden Sometimes, we’re at a road block or burned out. Having a Zen garden can add a touch of fun to your desk. Mini Zen gardens are inspired by Japanese meditative gardens with a touch of glam! You can easily buy one in stores or online, but you can customize your own. All you need is a bowl, sand (colored or uncolored), and whatever else you would like to place like cacti, rocks, or fake trees. Get yourself a mini rake or cone and create the designs of your dreams within the sand. It’ll transport you to a more relaxed state and will hopefully allow yourself to be refreshed to get started working again.

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