SMM Channels Key in Capturing Younger Audiences

Do you remember the good old days (a few years ago) when all digital marketers worried about on social media was how many times they would post to a Facebook page and which hashtag was all the rage on Twitter? Well in life and in social media, one thing you must accept, change is going to happen.

Facebook and Twitter still undoubtedly have their place in the social media universe but newer platforms, see Instagram and Snapchat, have captured the imaginations of millions – especially younger demographics. And we haven’t forgotten about YouTube.  Which by now should be old hat for most digital marketers. Combined this super triumvirate are ruling the 12- to 17-year old demographic.

According to Forrester (via MarketingDIVE) 96% of this Generation Z demo visits YouTube. While 70% utilize the duo of Instagram and Snapchat at a 70% clip. (Follow the link to MarketingDIVE for more numbers that will surely make you stop and think about YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat.)

So, what does this mean to you as a digital marketer or business owner? If you want the attention of younger audiences, you must have a presence on these social sites. Even if the target audience of your efforts don’t include this demographic keep in mind that at some point, in the very near future, they will age into prime purchasers. Yes, change can be scary sometimes, but there really is nothing to fear from these three social media powerhouses. Go ahead and roll up your sleeves and get to work.

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