Social Media: Make it About Being Human

How many followers do you have on Twitter? How many likes does your page have on Facebook? How about on Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest? More importantly, does it even matter? Those of us who work in the social media field love to point to numbers. From the optimal number of daily updates to conversion to reach to acquisition. It’s all about the quantitative. But in all of this numerical data analysis we forgot something very important: the “social” in social media. Yes, having methods to track success is a necessity, however, don’t let the number crunching get in the way of the most vital aspect of social media. Being human. When auditing a new client’s social media accounts, or your own, make note of real human interactions. Ask the following questions when looking over your social media efforts to see if you are achieving a high human factor (i.e. are you a robot just posting information all day every day or do you act like a real living breathing person).

  1. Do you reply? If followers ask you a question, do you reply?

  2. Do you acknowledge? If a question is posed to you or your company do you acknowledge your follower’s presence? 

  3. Do you engage? When someone on your timeline posts an update do you engage by either asking a question, offering a compliment or Retweeting or reposting?

  4. Do you appear to care or are you indifferent? When looking over your vast number of followers and likes, really think about the message you convey. Are your posts just informational bot-like updates or do your followers really see the human behind the iPhone or keyboard?

Most of us probably need a little work in this department. So put way your analytics for a few minutes and try to be a bit more human. It’ll make everyone’s social media experience less mechanical and more enjoyable.

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