Stop trying to be edgy on social media

It’s a trend that might finally be waning, but the cool, edgy social media approach is still going strong. You know the angle. Hire some clever, hip people to handle your social media and have them toss out zingers like Costco gives away samples of that new brand of frozen pizza. Toss in a few emojis, maybe even an original gif and voila going viral is only a mere few views away. The problem, it rarely works. Some companies, sports franchises and even police departments have gained fame from walking that line but long-term success from this guffaw inducing method is fleeting for most. Here’s why being edgy is trendy but not sustainable. (in our opinion)

You’re not edgy nor clever.

Not everyone can be Eddie Murphy in the comedy department (did this just age some of us?). Or have the hutzpah of Wendy’s social media team.  If you’re a good person who doesn’t like to ruffle feathers and comedy isn’t your strong suit, this strategy will fail to launch right from the beginning. It’s not as if people who are good at ribbing others are bad, it’s just some people don’t have the disposition for it. Additionally, it takes a measure of talent to toe that line without falling flat on your face. Very few people have that talent. That’s just a cold hard fact.

You’re going to tick someone off

Even if you are good at roasting others or conjuring up posts ideas that make people laugh nervously, understand, someone will get mad. And if you push the envelope too far, it could get you in trouble. Because eventually you will have to continue to push the limits of good taste to continue to get a laugh. Speaking of which…

You’ll have to one up yourself

Finding success in making people laugh is great but if they expect you to be jumping dangerously close to the line daily, this can be exhausting. You’ll find yourself competing with your previous posts. Look up at the last sub header. When you feel the need to be edgy, and you fear you won’t be the Rich Little of Twitter (okay we’re not that old), you tend to try for the shock laugh. That will definitely lead to unhappy followers and subsequently damage your brand.

You will try to chase going viral

Viral, ewww we hate that word. Attempting to craft viral posts is akin to sitting in your living room and trying to write a number one song. Every…single…day. The edgy social media strategy just reeks of trying to constantly go viral with witty retorts and sidesplitting smack talk. And considering the most important goal you should aim for in social media is consistency, this isn’t a good thing. Every one of your posts isn’t going to make a headline and even if one does, you’ll be forgotten two days later.

You may think you are Richard Pryor (last old comedy reference we promise) but shooting for headline making social media laughter consistently is nearly impossible. Having a successful social media strategy doesn’t have to involve smack talking and award-winning joke writing. Be interesting, be human, be consistent. If you think of a funny response to a follower go for it. Just remember though, dying is easy, comedy is hard.

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