Success Starts With a Healthy Body

Health is truly the greatest wealth you can attain and maintain. (That double rhyme was not planned but kind of cool, no?)

Eating foods high in nutrition and working out regularly can do more for your success than any piece of knowledge found in a book or taught in a class. But in the modern world of diet and fitness it seems those wanting to stave off preventable ailments like high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes are taking it a bit too far. I mean why does an accountant or some other pencil pusher by day need to flip a gigantic tire? Or jump up on a box that probably is at least 6 inches too high? Yes this is a direct reference to the latest fitness craze called CrossFit.

Before that it was P90X and before that…listing all of the fads that promise six pack abs and buns of steel is far too lengthy and unless you have been living in a cave eating franks and beans over a campfire, you have heard of all of them.

Don’t get me wrong I think any effort in improving your health is commendable, that being said the vehicle you use to reach new fitness heights shouldn’t put you in the hospital.

While I am on my high horse – I guarantee there a few tire flippers that are ticked off at me right now -- I will share four things I have learned on my fitness quest.

1.       Keep it closer to Zen than rabid

I am a member of a well-known fitness community and if I had a dollar for every time someone says, “Kill it man, kill that workout!” I would have quite a collection of greenbacks. You aren’t going into battle when you lift weights, run on the treadmill or swing a kettlebell, you are becoming or staying fit. Try to remember that, and maybe you won’t pull something.

2.       Something is better than nothing

Hate working out? You are not alone. Even if you walk 20 minutes a day that’s 20 minutes more than if you choose to sit on the couch watching X-Files reruns instead. Although X-Files does rock.

3.       Rest is important

Don’t kill your body by working out 7 days a week. Rest is just as important as working out. No smart ass, resting constantly without working out does not count. You actually have to move prior to resting your body.

4.       Don’t worry about what others think

I enjoy running and in the past when I saw a fellow runner or just a bystander watching me pass by I would hit the turbo boost as if I had to impress them. The lesson: who cares if someone thinks you are slow, weak, flabby or conversely fast, strong and lean. Worry about yourself.

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