The Importance of Delegation

Delegation: the perfectionist’s most feared word. If you’re a business owner, you’re most likely a perfectionist – at least within your industry. When striving to gain momentum, hire clients, and make money, why would you want anything short of perfection? Unfortunately, many believe that they are the only ones who can correctly “do it all.” Here are a few truths in the world of business perfection versus delegation.

You can’t do it all. You may think that you can handle nearly everything in your business alone. You tell yourself: “I will do this better than anyone else could, so I’ll just do it myself.” Although it is difficult to admit, you are not the only person who can complete the tasks you face. Furthermore, some people may even complete a project better than you. It is all right to trust others with your business – that’s the point of hiring someone. Make sure you hire people who you trust to complete the work correctly, and delegate. It is an unattainable goal to complete every project on your own.

You won’t do it all. At some point, the piles of work will catch up to you. For a while, it may be easy to do task after task entirely on your own. Unfortunately, unless you have a time machine, it is impossible to complete everything. A situation that tends to occur among individuals who refuse to delegate is the inability to find enough hours in the day with subsequent declines in the quality of work performance as well as in the work itself. Then, tasks take longer and some are even pushed off to be completed on another day. Remember, time is money. If you want tasks to be done efficiently, delegation is a must.

You don’t want to do it all. You want work to be completed correctly, but you never want to become a slave to your own business. You may lie and say you prefer to handle everything alone; however, that’s not exactly the truth. What you want is another you – a clone who will view everything in the same way and complete everything in the same manner. Although this may seem ideal, it truly is not. Do you really want a static output of services with only one opinion showcased to the world as a reflection of your business? Each unique person features a varying personality, which does mean that every employee will tackle a project in a different way, much to the despair of many perfectionists. Challenge yourself to view these differences as benefits to your business – because it is, in fact, a benefit.

Before deciding which tasks to delegate, take a moment to analyze your view of perfection and separate the expected versus the impossible. For example, it is impossible for two people to write an opinion piece in the same manner. Nonetheless, it is entirely to be expected that the piece is finished within a timeline you specify.

Your business should embrace delegation, allowing for an array of personalities who each tackle a project differently, adding unique flair.

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