The Importance of Sales Follow Up Emails

A great salesperson is confident, driven, and knowledgeable. However, one of the most crucial skills a sales professional can have is the ability to craft captivating sales emails. Check out these three reasons why you should always follow up with a potential customer.

Follow up emails serve as a reminder. Let’s face it: humans can have a pretty short memory span – for good reason. You, as the salesperson, are constantly thinking of your pitches and whether or not someone will accept a proposal. You have to remember that people are going about their daily lives preoccupied with hundreds of events throughout the day. Simply, it’s often difficult for a potential customer to remember to call back after every sales pitch he encounters. Perhaps you spoke with someone, you two exchanged information on your business card, and parted ways. What are the chances that your business card will end up in a pile on your potential customer’s desk? Pretty high, right? That’s why a reminder is necessary.

Follow up emails open up the conversation. In addition to not remembering to contact, some customers may not feel comfortable reaching out – even if interested in the product or service. By following up with your potential customer, you’ve opened the door to allow for communication. Ask questions and be personable so that you receive an email back. The longer your conversation continues, the more likely you’re going to make a successful sale.

Follow up emails allow you to convey further information. While you may have given a fantastic sales pitch, adding a winning follow up email can’t hurt. Follow ups are beneficial because it provides the perfect opportunity to showcase your service and your knowledge. Additionally, it’s impressive to a potential customer if the email is individualized. By using his name and making a comment about the venue you two met, it shows you remember the encounter and he is special. Of course, you can create a follow up email template, but adding a personal touch may land you that big sale.

Sales work is methodical and purposeful, with important factors to convince others that you are the best option. Be a persuasive salesperson at events through your personality, but always remember that a great sales pitch is only as good as its follow up.

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