Top 5 Reasons to Use Social Media to Expand Your Business

Whether you love it or you hate it, social media is currently an important form of communication in modern society. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, people of all ages use social media to post personal updates and connect with family and friends. You may be thinking: “Why would I, a business owner, need to have social media?” According to a report published by the Pew Research Center in October, 2015, 65% of American adults are on social media. Imagine the amount of people you could reach by utilizing social media.

Additionally, most businesses – most likely including your competitors – are on various platforms booting reputation and recruiting more clients. Therefore, it is important for you to be aware of the benefits of social media to unlock further success. Below are the top 5 reasons for using social media as a business owner.

1.      It allows for better communication with clients. On social media, the typical goal is to post updates while connecting with others and expanding “friends” or “likes” lists, which ultimately creates a massive audience reaching a variety of personalities. Businesses of all kinds are now utilizing the wide range of audiences on social media platforms as a communication technique for keeping in easy contact – with emphasis on the word easy. Long gone are the days when individuals found ease in picking up a telephone to contact a business. Now, most potential clients would rather type up a quick message in a chat service or leave a comment. This is not only to the client’s benefit, but yours as well. Quick communication results to faster costumer conversion rates, which means more money for you.

2.      Online reviews – good or bad – can increase your reputation. Many social media platforms, specifically services such as Yelp or Facebook, include an option to provide feedback on a particular business page. By establishing proper communication (as discussed in #1), your clients will be more willing to leave you good reviews, which will drive more clients to you. That does not mean, however, that you will never receive a negative review. While you may think that having a negative review on your public business profile is harmful, it can actually be a chance to respond professionally and improve your image. Clients enjoy receiving responses, even on negative reviews. A properly worded reply could potentially help gain or keep a sale.

3.      Become populated in search engine results. In the age of the Internet, a common way to decide which business to use is by using a search engine. Have you ever tried to search a business name and only found a brief website with barely any information? Does that not seem unprofessional and borderline untrustworthy? Potential clients tend to trust a company more when there are multiple sources of which are easily found when searched. When properly created with ample information, a website is great as a main resource. However, there is no opportunity for communication or feedback – it is merely one-sided.

4.      It is a roadmap leading directly to your company. Imagine driving through a busy road littered with hundreds of people shopping through thousands of stores while you are attempting to find a specific one. Now imagine if there were large, red arrows and flashing lights leading you to the store: that’s the epitome of social media. After creating a base of followers on a social media platform, you can begin to post interesting insights to be shared by your following. The post that is shared by one person is then seen by all of the followers of that person – and on and on. Ultimately, social media is a unique way to create an online map to your business.

5.      Create opportunities to showcase your services. Whatever service you offer, social media is a great platform to place it on display and say “look at what I can do for you.” Efficiency at its finest, your social media page can feature all of your business details as well as samples of your work to create an online portfolio. Additionally, you can share events, deals, and crucial information directly from an account. Are you looking to hire? Post it on social media. Are you having a big sale to draw more clients? Post it on social media. Your social media account is your chance to show everything you have to offer.

Whether you wish to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or all three, social media is a perfect way to jump start your business. Utilizing social media offers you the chance to communicate with clients, spread the word to gain sales, and showcase your unique talents to the world.

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