What’s the Big Deal with Face Swap?

Unless you haven’t had access to the internet in a couple months, you’ve probably seen many of your friends, relatives, and co-workers posting Snapchat screenshots of “face swapping.” Although Snapchat has been gaining in popularity in the last couple years, its recent addition of allowing users to swap faces with another person has caused the photo-sharing app to skyrocket. Even individuals who would typically not use Snapchat are downloading the app just to use this feature – so, what’s the big deal with face swap?

The main reason why people do pretty much anything on social media is humor. People love to share humor – the wackier, the better. Some say that “misery loves company,” but many forget that amusement loves company as well. After seeing a funny picture or post on a social media platform, followers enjoy hitting the “share” button to inspire others to laugh and share their posts too. Basically, humor creates a circle of individuals who keep sharing.

Additionally, people love seeing entertaining things go hilariously wrong. Why else do you think those “hoverboards” are so popular right now? The videos of people riding them and falling make people laugh – a funny concept turned funnier. Similarly, Snapchat’s face swap has a lot of room for accidental error. Watching others make a mistake that produces hilarious results has been one of the most effective ways to induce laughter since the beginning of comedy. While using face swap, some often have unexpected results such as accidentally swapping your face with something in the background or with an animal. These photos get share after share because people love funny fails.

Lastly, it’s easy and anyone can do it – as long as you have the Snapchat app. Snapchat is an app that many people have downloaded on their phones. Most people aren’t graphic designers, and to actually create a face swap, it would take hours of working in Photoshop to create the same feature Snapchat provides. Instead, one can simply open the Snapchat app, press a button, and the hours of work is conveniently replicated in several seconds.

Snapchat’s face swap is hilarious and easy-to-use, making anyone an expert comedian simply by utilizing an app that most already have. The feature may seem silly and bizarre, but it truly provides intriguing insight into the mind of a typical social media user.

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