Why an agency should handle your online marketing

The old “should my business be on social media” argument has been long put to bed. You know you need to be on social media but most likely you don’t know where to start. That’s where an agency comes in. Just like you hire a plumber to fix your sink or go to a dentist to maintain your perfect smile, partnering with a digital marketing agency to handle your online marketing is the smart choice. 

But maybe you are the hand’s-on type, a real DIY enthusiast.  You’ve read a couple of books, attended a webinar or two, and this social media thing doesn’t sound too difficult. Well not so fast. Before kicking the idea of hiring an agency to the curb consider these factors.

1.       Social media is time consuming when done right

Do you really want to spend hours per day tending to your social media? Doing social media the right way takes time. There are no shortcuts. If you commit to handling your online marketing efforts, understand that it will take time away from other tasks you need to complete. You know like running your business.

2.       You’re awesome at your business but may not be so great at marketing

A good agency is made up of experts. Experts in the field of online marketing (and marketing in general). You may be the best mechanic or real estate agent in town, but do you really understand marketing?  For example. Preparing a campaign for customers who are at the top of the funnel versus the bottom is completely different. If you are thinking to yourself, “funnel, what funnel?” this is a sign you should really consider hiring an agency.

3.       Digital marketing is a long game solution that takes tenacity and perseverance

Unfortunately, some business owners think tossing up a post heralding themselves as the best in industry will bring them thousands of followers and throngs of customers just waiting to purchase their goods or services. That’s not going to happen. Overnight success is not possible and most agencies (good, reputable agencies) will communicate this from the beginning of your partnership. An agency can lay out a plan and execute that plan over months and years. And more importantly make adjustments to that plan as analytics and demographics change.

4.       In-house can be expensive

Maybe you’re considering hiring a marketing professional to make your business shine online. Possibly even an entire team. Not a bad idea but it can be quite costly. The hiring process alone is time consuming and quite expensive. As you know as a business owner, employee costs are not cheap and marketing professionals demand high salaries. Conversely, you can shop around for agencies that fit your budget and if an agency doesn’t perform well you can terminate their services easily. Also, that’s one less person who will take up room in your office’s fridge.

Partnering with an agency won’t be all flowers and rainbows but harnessing the power of online experts will save you time and money. And if you hire the right agency, it will be an investment that can lead your business to the next level.

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