Why Are Recipe Videos So Popular on Facebook?

If you’ve been to Facebook lately, you’ve most likely seen the onslaught of food and recipe videos taking over your timeline. They all start the same: a pair of hands cracking an egg or sifting some flour. Then, the sped-up video progresses to shots of oven baking or pan frying until the finished product is resting on your screen after only a minute or two. You’ve probably found yourself hypnotized by the recipe videos as well, but why? It’s simple, really…

People love food. Food is a staple of human existence and culture. At any family gathering, event, or party, there is always food – and the more creative, the better. People like to share recipes on social media while thinking, “I’ll make this later,” even if they never do. Plus, it’s an easy way to interact with friends and followers. For example, posting a recipe of a no-bake cheesecake shows off a creative way of making a food most people like, subsequently starting conversations.

People love videos. This is the primary reason why people share the posts. Time and time again, videos are proven to get more reactions, comments, and shares. One of the most popular pages of recipe videos is Buzzfeed Food’s Tasty. The page has nearly 55.4 million likes. To put that number into perspective, have you ever heard of a musician called Drake? Tasty has approximately 20.5 million more followers than multi-millionaire musician Drake. Seriously.

What is Tasty doing to gain so many followers? They simply create both recipe posts and recipe videos. The results? See for yourself.

The recipe post, without a video, had roughly 28,000 reactions and approximately 12.8 thousand shares. Unseen in the picture, the post had around 2,600 comments. That seems fairly decent, right? Okay, that seems like a lot decent – until you see the reactions and shares of the video.

The video version of the original post had over 78.3 thousand reactions, 62,415 thousand shares and 9.3 thousand comments. The video, which was only one minute and one second long, ultimately witnessed a dramatic increase in the rate of interactions. A simple chocolate chip cookie recipe, posted on 5/15/16, has gained nearly 4 million views as of 5/16/16 – crazy, right?

People love food videos. Basically, it’s the combined love of food and videos that makes recipe videos so attractive. If people love both, why wouldn’t they love them together? Honestly, the marketing technique is ingenious. Recipe videos are practically universally-enjoyed advertisements, which appeal to our innate needs for food and social belonging – all while staying short and sweet for our easily-distracted minds. Recipe videos are taking over Facebook because people genuinely love them. It looks like the recipe video industry is only gaining steam as months pass by with growing numbers on Facebook pages. Whether you love them or hate them, ask yourself the question: have you been one of the millions hooked by the videos?

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